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Mesotherapy has been recognized as the last gap in the field of body sculpting, cellulite reduction and skin rejuvenation, consists in applying small doses of homeopathic products made of minerals, vitamins or amino acids at the first layer of the dermis (just under the skin) by injections that do not cause any discomfort. These infusions achieved a progressive decrease (with in ten sessions) of problem areas, and by acting directly on adipose tissue release excess fat and toxins.

The products used to do the mesotherapy may vary according to patient needs, whether you want to improve, circulation, oxygenation or metabolism and speed up the walls of the fat areas to accelerate the disintegration of them.

What are the risks of Mesotherapy?

Overall, if the punctures are performed by trained personnel, they should not have side effects relevant to the patient. Small bruises may appear in the surroundings of the shot area that should not remain longer than 72 hours. You could also see a rash or erythema in the area of application, but is merely showing that the treatment is working.

The benefits

Homeopathic products are composed of proteins that can not be administered orally because the stomach acid degenerates them. For this reason, are injected subcutaneously (mesotherapy) or intramuscularly. The main benefit of mesotherapy is that allows these products to be applied directly to the areas we want to work. One of the most common use has been given in recent times is to fight cellulite, reduce specific body areas and reinforce any area of the body such as hips, abdomen, chin, ankles and arms.