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Hieloterapia Hieloterapia

The mud therapy is a technique used to reduce measures and firm the skin, is one of the most innovative and effective methods working through the body, using the cold as a good way to burn stored fat transforming in to energy. It also can be used by women and men.

Mud therapy does not use chemicals or drugs, is made of natural herbs, are still natural products. That is why this technique does not have side effects and the product is applied to the skin regardless of whether it is oily, dry or normal. The important thing is that this method not only helps you lose weight, but also activates blood circulation, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin.

This treatment helps to eliminate cellulite and remove sagging in areas as difficult as the top of the hip or lower buttocks area, including reducing the weaknessof the skin after pregnancy. This treatment is suitable for different connective tissue disorders:

• Cellulite. • Volume Reduction. • Body Modeling. • Reaffirmation of the Skin. • Activates metabolism, modeling the silhouette.